Whey Classic, Belgian Chocolate Flavour, 2 KG


FITNUTRISH WHEY PROTEIN CLASSIC, Get your daily protein needs fulfilled, Coffee Mocha Flavour, 2 KG

Flavours Available
Coffee Mocha | Belgian Chocolate

About this Whey Protein Classic

Fitnutrish Classic Whey is the perfect blend of concentrate & isolate proteins for fulfilling
your daily protein necessities.
Every serving of this protein is filled with supremely rich 25 grams of concentrate-isolate

whey protein.

Fitnutrish Classic Whey is also one of the best solutions for post workout protein needs that
support proper growth and recovery of muscles.


FITNUTRISH WHEY PROTEIN CLASSIC, COFFEE MOCHA 1 KG is the most delicious way to go ahead in the
fitness journey. Every gram of this protein is filled with lip smacking element along with 25 grams of
This is the perfect blend of milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates that provides
required fuel to muscles and repairs them quickly. It increases protein synthesis and maximises lean
muscle growth. And the protein concentrates digests slowly which provides constant release that
help muscle building process continue for long time even after workouts.


1 Scoop of FITNUTRISH CLASSIC WHEY is to be mixed with cold water or milk. Each scoop should be
mixed in 180ml to 240ml of water or your preferred beverage (you may adjust water or the
beverage as per the taste preference). FITNUTRISH suggests following proper diets and regular
workout regimes to achieve best fitness.

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Weight 2 kg


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