Whey Classic, Belgian Chocolate Flavour, 2 KG


FITNUTRISH ISOLATE FAT SHRED COMBO, Get Lean with Fat Cut Combination, Chocolate Truffle, 1 KG

Flavours Available
Coffee Mocha | Chocolate Truffle | Cookies & Cream

About this Product:

  • Fitnutrish Best Whey Protein Isolate is the perfect blend for weight loss & lean fitness
  • Every serving of this protein is filled with supremely rich 24 grams of isolate whey protein
  • Fitnutrish Fat Shred Combo is boosted with weight loss complex
  • The whey protein packed in this fat shred combo is filtered through multiple processes which makes it not only lowers the carbs but also reduces the lactose content
  • The packed green tea extract supports to increase fat burning abilities of body
  • Contains CLA-ALA, L-Carnitine – L-Tartrate, Garnicia Cambogia, Coffee Bean Extract & Green Tea Extract

Detailed Description:

FITNUTRISH BEST WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE FAT SHRED COMBO, COFFEE MOCHA 1 KG is the most delicious way to go ahead in the fitness journey. India is the market of taste more and then health so every gram of this protein is filled with lip smacking element along with 360 mg of CLA-ALA, 600 mg of L-Carnitine – L-Tartrate. This protein supplement derived after the multiple filtering processes which reduces the lactose content and removes the impurities. The elements are capable enough to enable quicker weight loss, lean muscle building and ultimate body strength structure development. Fitnutrish fat shred combo is filled with high quality isolate protein, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, Garnicia Cambogia & Green Tea Extract.–

Benefits of Best Whey Protein Isolate:

Every serving of Fitnutrish ISO Fat Shred Combo, 1 KG Coffee Mocha gives you 24 grams of whey protein isolate along with the nutrients to shred your fats so you can faster achieve your lean fitness. It provides your stressed muscles with essential nutrients that they need so you can bang the floor with better efficiency every time as you can recover faster from your intense workout regimes. This combination is low in carbs with zero added sugars which makes it the most effective supplement for your post workout needs. You may be a beginner or a regular fitness enthusiast or a pro athlete, if you are one of those niche chunk who do not want to compromise upon the quality of protein supplement you intake and looking out for the best protein which can help you not only support the righteous weight loss but also overall weight management with lean fitness achievement then FITNUTRISH Fat Shred Combo is the exact right choice for you. A 32 Gram serving of Fitnutrish Fat Shred Protein will provide you with 24 Grams of Proteins & 360 mg of CLA-ALA. Adding FITNUTRISH BEST WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE along with regular diet and workout regimes customised as per your fitness level can help you not only cut your fat at a greater extent but also assists muscle building & strengthens the core.


Apart from 24 Grams of High Quality Richest Isolate Whey Protein, FITNUTRISH ISO FAT SHRED COMBO also contains, CLA-ALA, L-Carnitine – L-Tartrate, Garnicia Cambogia, Coffee Bean Extract & Green Tea Extract.


1 Scoop of FITNUTRISH Best Whey Protein Isolate is to be mixed with cold water or milk. For best results, this should be consumed twice daily. Each scoop should be mixed in 180ml to 240ml of water or your preferred beverage (you may adjust water or the beverage as per the taste preference). FITNUTRISH suggests following proper diets and regular workout regimes to achieve best fitness.