Taj Kazi

Taj Kazi - Body Transformation

It was 2009 & the first year junior college when Taj decided his path to walk for his future & career. He was extremely passionate about fitness & wanted to do different forms of workouts but the reality of his physique was something different. An underweight chap of 55 KGs was never welcomed and appreciated to follow the passion. But he was putting all his efforts to follow the passion for few years but success did not yet come across him. Taj communicated to us that “After 2 years, in year 2011 I decided to convey about my passion of fitness to my ideal Nasir. He supported me and I started working out & following the diets under his guidance. I was eating every 2 hours and my weight also started increasing as per my expectations.” This was the initiation of his success story. He also started preparing for different Marathon runs one hour a day for about 2 months and his hard work paid off also. He stood 4th & 5th in Dial Health Marathon and Second Mumbai Marathon respectively in 2014. Post that, he started preparing for his National Muscle Mania competition which was to be held for the first time ever in India in the city of Bangalore and he was following the perfect routines for the victory for 3 months. The victory was waiting to shake hands with Taj at the age of 20 and he was AWARDED WITH THE WINNING TITLE OF MUSCLE MANIA 2014 – MENS’ PHYSIQUE CATEGORY.

The most important thing that Taj mentioned here while our communication was that “I won this without taking an steroids and I was completely under the guidance of Nasir Kazi who helped put right things in my diets and made the perfect schedules of my diet, workout, few protein supplements and sleep. And he made sure that I win that naturally without harming my body with steroids. That point of time while I was holding the title, I realized that the most important thing for anybody to have is fitness so I decided to dedicate my career to fitness industry.”

He was successfully dealing with his clients and was leading them to a healthy lifestyle but in the mid of the journey, he met with a major accident in year 2016 & his back was injured severely. But Taj always learned to fight it back & He did his own rehab training & strengthened his back enough to again get back where he was and what he was doing. Post that, he also participated & got certified as a fitness model in 2017. Today is a day where Taj is a fitness symbol who is following the fitness as a lifestyle & also helping his clients to be the fittest version of their selves.