In year 2009, Mithilesh decided to start his fitness journey as it was his hobby. He was pursuing his graduation when he started his workouts. During his college days, he was going through a very good phase of life till year 2014 as everything seemed to be perfect may it be his educational programs or his fitness routines. As he was always attracted towards acting & modelling, he thought of getting into that field. Keeping the same ambition in the mind, he took an admission in Anupam Kher Institute (Actor Prepares).

And from this day, tough time was waiting to knock the door for Mithilesh. He pursued his acting course for 2 years and meanwhile he tried to craft his career as a model or actor but unfortunately he failed miserably.His failure led him to the roads of issues like anxiety, stress, depression and other psychological issues. And it was the time when Mithilesh was totally trapped by the worst habit of alcohol. The extent was just increasing every single time which made him a chronic alcoholic. And on the other side, he had to stop his passion on fitness workout as his shoulder got dislocated due to an accident. So it was the time when he was totally broken up physically & psychologically. Mithilesh stated here that “I did not want to lose hope of having a good life as I was very young at that point of time. I thought that injuries and failures come in everyone’s life but it was alcohol which ruined it to its worst. So I decided to quit that with the firm determination of getting up & growing again.” He restarted his career as a sales & marketing manager with a well-known company in 2016 and after about 1.5 years (somewhere around mid of 2017) he got an opportunity to work in U.S.A. With all the excitement & new enthusiasm, he packed his bags and flew to U.S.A. But it was a traumatic situation for him to accept that person who offered and committed him an opportunity backed off. He was trying for 2 months to do something productive for him but nothing worked out, he failed again and it was the second time that depression trapped him.

In 2017 year end, Mithilesh flew back to India & met Nasir Kazi to have a fresh start. Mithilesh conveyed during our conversation that “Fitness had always been my passion and Nasir sir was the only person who I felt would be the right guide to rise after all the setbacks I had. I felt in U.S.A. that it was like the end of my story but I somehow came back which proved to be the most correct decision of my life.” Mithilesh joined a fitness team as a management personnel in the gym managed under Nasir Kazi. It was the new dawn of his life as he was a part of the profession which was his passion. He was also trained under the guidance of whole fitness team majorly Nasir & Taj.

Mithilesh not only started following his personal diets and workouts properly but also is now successfully guiding his clients maintain their fitness in the most correct way. Mithilesh mentioned that “Nothing is impossible if you decide you want to get up & grow. I lead a fit life today & I thank Nasir sir for being there and making me what I am today.”