In year 2009, Jiabhai was detected with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which blocks airflow & make it difficult to breathe & his weight was 135 KGs along with having high diabetes and blood pressures. It was difficult for him to accept that he was not able to walk even for 100-200 meters without taking the inhaler. Due to his medical issues, he was put over heavy steroid medications & breathing inhalers to live. Jiabhai mentioned during our communication that “Being overweight affects everything of life – It creates only difficulties in living and restriction in everything you want to do. I wanted to lead a good life without having these restrictions but I learned the perspective that what do I have to lose if I can’t breathe properly. I was taking insulin at the time of breakfast, lunch & dinner aggregating of as much as 40 units.” So he decided to fight back with all these issues and reduce his weight to have better lifestyle. He tried to workout with different trainers and followed different diets to get his weight down but till year 2012 somehow nothing worked out much positive for him.

In year 2012, Jiabhai went through the bariatric surgery as doctor told him that he was more at risk by not doing a surgery than doing it and that helped him get his weight down by 20 KGs immediately. The units of insulin also came down with the loss in his weight. By this time, he decided to do workouts under the guidance of Nasir Kazi but he was not allowed to do workout for at least one month as he had stitches on his stomach. Once that period of month was over, the time finally arrived that he was waiting for. He started his workout in December 2012 and also started following his diets to drill down to his desired weight. He followed his diets and workouts properly for one full year and got down by 45 KGs in the span of 12 months. Jiabhai also communicated with us that “During my workouts, I sometimes was pushing myself to take a step forward more but Nasir never pushed me to do anything for which I had to put extra efforts. But he exactly knew what and how am I supposed to be trained to reduce the weight.” Along with reduction in his weight, his sugar and BP levels also came down. The units of insulin were reduced and after a point, he totally stopped taking insulin and was only upon sugar medicines. And after sometime, he stopped taking medicines also.”