Avadhesh was passionate about playing cricket from the childhood and he had always been the part of every small and large cricket tournaments. But his actual journey of cricket started from year 2004 (age 21 at that time) when he played his first season ball cricket. The game was going very good and he was performing very well in his tournaments.

But during one of his matches, he had a bad hit of the season ball on his right thigh. He ignored the pain for couple of months but ultimately went to a doctor. Avadhesh while communicating with us mentioned that “In year 2008, I was shocked by hearing what doctor told. The doctor told me that my thigh bone was totally perished and I would have to immediately go under the surgery for the same and if it would have been delayed by even a week, I would have to cut my leg. I was totally not able to understand of what would happen next but the surgery was inevitable so we did it.” Avadhesh got 42 stitches in his right thigh with the long & deep cut. After his surgery, he was on complete bed rest for 3 months and post that also he was not allowed to do any exertion to his leg.

One day after getting bored with the rest, he decided to fight back the weakness & go under the sports rehab training with Nasir. He started his workouts to strengthen his muscles and body balances. The journey was of about 1.5 years but after that in year 2010, Avadhesh again gained his confidence back and played the season match on the field again. Avadhesh’s journey was properly designed with right amount of medication, bespoke workout sessions and nutritional diets. Today he is following his fitness properly & also playing his cricket matches with the same ease and strength as he was playing before the surgery.