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Welcome to Nasir Kazi's website - The personal fitness training solutions | Personal Fitness Trainers | Fitness training Resources
Diet Nutrition & Supplimentation

What is Nutrition?
Nutrition is the process in which you consume food or nourishing liquids, digest and absorb them and use them for health and growth.

Most people confuse the word "Diet" with starvation. Dieting or eating right is all about eating sensibly and eating in such a manner that will help and even aid in recovery (post exercise)and also enable a person to achieve their fitness goals.

The trouble with most of us is instead of nourishing and cleansing our body, we are congesting and destroying it. We do that by eating the wrong combination of food, consuming without control and taking insufficient water rich food. Not understanding how diet changes with exercise training is a reason why many fitness regimes do not give desired results.

Why do you need to take in proper and adequate nutrition?
  1. It provides energy and keeps you vibrant.
    You need energy to engage in your daily physical and mental activities. Upon digestion, food that you eat is broken into smaller molecules like glucose, amino acids, fats and vitamins. These molecules and nutrients are the elements that provide your energy.
    The carbohydrates that you eat are broken down into glucose and is stored or used by your body. Fatty acids are broken fat molecules and a main source of providing energy to the body.
    However, excess carbohydrates and fat result in obesity and health complications.
  2. Produces and keeps your cells alive and repairs body tissues.
    Among the cells present in your body are egg, bones, fat, muscle, brain, nerve and blood cells. All the cells have functions to perform. The body loses cells and makes new ones. Your body tissues are made up of millions of cells.
    The nutrients that travel through your bloodstream prevent damage, keep these cells alive and help in producing new ones.
    Amino acids broken down from the consumption of protein food helps in building and repairing body tissues.
  3. Prevents disease and good for the heart.
    Why does the doctor suggest "an apple a day"? This is because apples contain nutrients like flavonoids, fructose, dietary fiber and anti-oxidant. Studies have shown that eating an apple a day, each and every day, can help lower blood cholesterol level and prevent heart disease.
    All fresh fruits are nutritious because they are rich in water. You need them to cleanse your system. Fruits especially those that contain bioflavinoids keeps the blood from thickening and plugging up the arteries.
  4. Necessary during illness and in recuperating.
    If you are having an illness or recuperating, it is vital that you eat the right food to maintain or regain your energy. Therapy and recuperating are painful periods and can affect your appetite badly.
    This is a crucial time to get proper nutrition to promote your recovery and health. You should eat right to prevent infection and heal tissues.
  5. Assists your body in eliminating wastes.
    Waste and toxic materials from indigestible food burdens your body. A healthy diet should contain lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to cleanse and ease the process of eliminating your waste matter.
    "When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need". - Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb
    You have to take good care of your body because it is a vehicle to transport you from one place to another and to enable you to do the things that you dream of doing. The food that you take in is going to help you get there or put you in a stupor.
    If you are dieting, consider the nutritional value of the food you choose to consume. Take food supplements and vitamins to compensate your nutrients deficiency.
    So, eat right, eat moderately and eat regularly.