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Welcome to Nasir Kazi's website - The personal fitness training solutions | Personal Fitness Trainers | Fitness training Resources


Name : Jilal K Seth
Profession :
Comment on training :Very good! Nasir's workout has totally changed the shape of my body and self confidence as you can see in the pic. I was a person weighting 132Kgs prior to having started my workout , Today with Nasir's workout and diet control my weight 83Kgs in a period of 1 year. Everything, because Nasir makes you do everything in such a systematic and enjoyable method, that you do not get bored.



Name : Viren Vora
Profession :
Comment on training :Its very beneficial for my back as I had a seviour back problem and it gone. I feel crunches are best and shoulder exercise give me relaxation. So as the kicking exercise which I like. My back pain is relieved and my posture getting better.


Name : Mayank Seth
Profession :
Comment on training :He is very Professional , Knowledgeable, and is very Helpful. I enjoy the fact that it’s not a boring there is always something different and Nasir always pushes me to the limit. I feel Fitter, Stronger and I can notice the reduction in my weight.


Name : Rashi Morbia
Profession :
Fashion Stylist
Comment on training :Definitely one of the best Trainer I have been to several gyms but no workout comes close to his. It has helped me increase my Stamina, Flexibility and Strength, so very beneficial. The best part about his workout is variations. I don’t end up doing the same thing every session and hence it becomes a lot more enjoyable and interesting. I have lost inches in couple of months feel more energetic and active.


Name : Ronak Morbia
Profession :
Comment on training :Excellent! Started working out when I was 54 kgs and gained 6 kgs of muscle in the first month itself. Great Results! Variety of exercises. It does not tend to get monotonous. Kind of enjoy each and every workout session with him. I have gained 8 kgs in about five months and its going good.


Name : Sheetal Sharma
Profession :
Cabin Crew Manager
Comment on training :Superb! How much ever spoken is less for a professional trainer like Nasir. Nasir is well versed with the theoretical and practical aspects of workout. Unlike any other trainer he does not have the same style of workout with every client. He understands his clients problematic areas and then accordingly designs a schedule of diet and workout.


Name : Dhruv Sharma
Profession :
Comment on training :I would rate Nasir's workout as 9.5/10. It is very beneficial with him to build muscle as he has a lot of knowledge and experience regarding muscle building and also for losing fat. A part of being an excellent trainer Nasir is very regular, motivated, optimistic and friendly/patient i.e. the quality one needs for a perfect trainer.


Name : Amar Mohile
Profession :
Music director
Comment on training :The training program is designed as per individual needs. It is structured well.
Goals :Want to biuld lean and muscular physic.


Name : Gautam Chopra
Profession :
Regional sales head-worldwide media (The Times of India )
Comment on training :Well, I am exercising for 2 years but hardly noticed any changes in my body. I started training with nasir 6 months back, with his workout schedules & diet chart have witnessed sufficient positive changes in my body structure. Strongly recommend nasir as a high quality body training professionl.
Goals :Lean and muscular body with flat abs.


Name : Jitesh Nissar
Profession :
Business (Broking in vegetable oils).
Comment on training : A Good, Hardworking, Dedicated & Result oriented trainer with latest skills & knolwledge of fitness. A well read & informed trainer who gives workout with the latest scientific technique according to the needs & goals of the clients.
Goals :To have a toned & supple body , strenghten core muscle & to build stemina.


Name : Deepak Nihalani
Profession :
S / W Consultant
Comment on training :Excellent trainer & profession training. What i like is the scientific approach & logical explanation to even every small queries.
Goals :To keep fit , avoid all problems due to sedentary job profile.


Name : Varun Valia
Profession :
Comment on training :Last year when i was studying in london i had put on 12 kgs and lot of tummy flab. But once i started training in 2 months i lost 12 kgs and gained lean mass, thanks to nasir and his fun filled workouts and amazing diet programm which actually requires you to eat a lot,but the right stuff.
Goals :To make lean & muscular physic.


Name : Aakash . M . Wig
Profession :
Comment on training :The training provided by Nasir sir is very motivating. Through out my weight loss workout programm, I was encouraged. The training is very helpful & you can see the results. He is a great trainer & should continue training like this.
Goals :My goal is to loose weight & gain muscle in an healthy way.


Name : Rahul Mankani
Profession :
Working with shipping company.
Comment on training :Exellent training routine. Always look forward to workout with nasir. Gained great amount of stamina & have improved my strenght greatly.
Goals :Can't wait to see where i will be in next 6 months after training with him.


Name : Minal Sewani
Profession :
House wife
Comment on training :Trainer Mr.Nasir Kazi is very professional & hardworking. He has given very good efforts.
Goals :My goal is to reduce further 11 kgs.


Name : Sanjay Vazirani
Profession :
Comment on training :Nasir has been very helpful in me achieving my fitness goals. He is a great motivator & is very knowledgeble in his field. His training sessions have provid to be extreamly benificial to me.
Goals :Goal is to loose weight and increase overall fitness level.


Name : Mohd Faisal Shaikh
Profession :
Comment on training :Very much satisfied with the physique as compared to the earlier one. This was not possible without the trainer nasir kazi who helped me out to reduce 13kgs in 1.1/2 months time, also some how managed to train me as per my convenient time and suggested me some good tips to be fit in life. I am very much thankful to him for the kind deed which he had done to me and wish him a great success in his future.
Goals :Want to be fit and build lean and muscular physique.